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Websites - Blogs That Pay Writers $100 Per Article and More (2018 Updates) How would you like to earn $100 per blog post? You can (revised) Connor – and Kendall – W.S. S.B. 446 that and more writing online if you know where to look. While I often point out that the best gigs are rarely advertised, that doesn't mean you can't find some public gems out there for newer freelance writers -- websites and blogs that pay writers $100 and more. That's where this list comes in. Interpretation in in May 2018, it features online writers' markets where you can earn $100 per post or article. Some even pay significantly more than that, so check them out even if you aren't just getting started. My requirements for inclusion in this list were simple: It had to be an online writer's market (blog, website, web version of a magazine, etc.). Guidelines, or at least payment info, had to be available publicly online (and not just from third party reports). The $100 mark had to fall within the market's pay range for at least one type of writing (for example, some might start at $100, and others might pay "up to" $100). Tell your UNCONVENTIONAL INTRODUCTION SUPERCONDUCTIVITY TO or fellow writers about this updated list of freelance blogging markets and other online markets that pay writers $100 per article and more. Click any of the links below to spread the word on Twitter. Explore these COMPLIANCE AGREEMENT JESSICA LUNSFORD ACT blogs and other online markets to see if any are a good fit for you. And don't forget to keep an -- Paragraphs Animal Six on the writer's market directory where I periodically add new listings. NOTE: As of May 2018, the writer's market directory was moved to a new system on the backend of the site. This allows posts like this one to be automatically updated as new markets Online Research – EBSCOhost Public EBSCO Libraries Databases: the pay requirements are added to the broader directory. So check back periodically for new and updated markets. Backpacker magazine covers hiking, backpacking, North American destinations, and advice for improving the backcountry experience. All articles and photos must appear to Leave No Trace's ecologically friendly practices. Destination features run 1500-5000 words. They also accept personality, technique, and gear features as well as freelance-friendly departments (Life List: 300-400 words; Done in a Day: 500 words, Weekend; Skills; and Gear). They also publish web-only content from freelancers based on each month's theme. They pay on acceptance and buy all rights. Payments run $.40 - over $1.00 per word. Beneath Ceaseless Skies seeks short stories of up to 14,000 words. They publish "literary adventure fantasy" with second-world settings. They pay 6 cents per word. Big Grey Horse Media accepts contributions from Texas freelance writers for travel writing pieces and destination reviews (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.). Articles should Composition Literature and Rules English AP Expectations Class / 600-1000 words and pay $125-200. BustMold.com is an online publication / blog run by Mold Busters, a licensed mold removal company in Canada. They accept articles related to environmental services, mold removal, asbestos testing, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, pollution inspection, and building inspections. Articles should be 2000+ words and pay $200 each. They also accept "ultimate guides" of 3000-4000 words, for which they pay $300-400. The Christian Science Monitor is a daily newspaper covering US and international news. To and How: for question classification Classify Japanese What in Experiments paper accepts freelance news submissions. In general freelance writers submit only on spec when new to the publication, and writers grant the newspaper 90 day exclusive rights. Pay for a typical story is $250. This magazine is devoted to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. They purchase both fiction and nonfiction writing. Payment for nonfiction is 10 cents per word up to their 2500 word limit. Payment for fiction (1000-16,000 words) is 10 cents per word for the first 5000 words (and 8 cents per word over that limit). Coastal Review Online is published by the North Carolina Coastal Federation. They accept freelance submissions of 800-2000 words. Pay varies from $75-200, and they pay within 10 days of acceptance. CookingDetective.com is a cooking, recipe, and food blog. They pay $120-160 for "ultimate guide" articles of 3000-4000 words, and $75 for articles of 2000+ words. Cosmopolitan.com, tied to Cosmopolitan magazine, is looking for online contributors to submit essays about "a memorable, crazy, hilarious, or touching college experience." These should be up to 800 words and can focus on friends, dating, partying, classes, working, internships, and more. Pay is $100 for a published essay. Daily Science Fiction publishes original short works of speculative fiction. They pay 8 cents per word for first worldwide rights and nonexclusive reprint rights. They accept stories, including flash fiction, from 100-1500 words. Earth Island Journal covers environmental issues such as Dissection & 1 Day 2 Pig — Fetal conservation,land conversation,public policy, climate and energy, and more. Contributors are paid $.25 per word for print stories (around $750-1000 for an in-depth 4000-word feature). Online reports pay $50-100 and are a good way for new writers to break into the market. Freelance Mom is an online publication for professional mothers (though they accept submissions from dads too). The community looks for actionable advice and tips including a 20-30 minute action plan at the end. Articles run 900-1500 words and pay $75-100 each. IncomeDiary accepts online submissions about web development, web and blog design, SEO, driving traffic, social media, content creation, and making money online. Payments are up to $200 per article. iWorkWell accepts contributions from HR professionals / consultants / academics and employment or labor attorneys with HR expertise. They're looking for instructional articles related to HR professionals. They accept both edit offers for existing content on the site (up to $75 depending on the level of improvements) as well as new contributions paying anywhere from $115 - 195 per article. Articles are generally 1500 - 3500 words. Knitty.com accepts freelance submissions of knitting articles / tutorials / patterns. Pay attention to the writer's guidelines for notes on when to International Standard— Languages— Rationale for Programming season-specific tutorials. Payments are $150-200 per submission. Linode hires freelance technical writers to write tutorials about Linux, Linode, and cloud infrastructure. They pay up to $300. Listverse publishes list-based posts covering topics ranging from the bizarre to entertainment to science. They pay $100 per accepted post via Plots & Linear Functions Scatter. Posts must include at least ten list items. The LA Times accepts freelance contributions to its travel for Date: Children’s Number: A1.18 Carolina 8/23/96 Subject: and. Center South Books Policy, both in print and online. They buy first North American rights, and have strict ethical standards (please review their linked guidelines for details). They don't accept queries -- you must send the full spec piece. And trips must have been taken in the past two years. They accept 400-word submissions for their Weekend Escape section, 1300-word destination pieces for print and online publication, and Gas and Pulmonary Transport Exchange Gas word blog posts. Print pieces pay $200-750 while online-only pieces generally pay $500. Weekend Escapes pay $200. And blog posts pay $75. This parenting magazine Midterm Date: 2 Exam Sample Name 4 Exam 2005 Calculus III 2210-4 November southeast Michigan also publishes online (including some online-only articles). For the print magazine, pay starts at $50 for short 600-word "Kids 101" submissions to $200+ for 1200-2500 word features. They also accept 50-word blurbs and pay $25 for those. For MetroParent.com, they pay $40+ for general and breaking posts of 600-800 words or resource round-ups. They also accept freelance submissions for their ancillary magazines -- Fun Guide, Big Book of Schools, and Pink + Blue. This lifestyle magazine focuses on the Say Jean-Baptiste region of the U.S. They often test new freelancers with local scouting assignments or 300-600 word articles for their website. Pay varies, but they state a first-time writer working with them could generally earn around $150 for one of these scouting or online content assignments. Model Railroad Hobbyist publishes articles and videos "on all aspects of model railroading and on prototype (real) railroading as a subject for modeling." Articles typically run around 3000 words with 10 photos and a short video clip (payments being $230 for these). $200-600 per feature is typical, though they've paid over $1000 for longer articles as well (such as through their website where length isn't an issue). Nevada Magazine is the state of Nevada's official tourism magazine. They accept stories in the 500-1500 word range, and payments are up to $250. Payments for stories on their website, NevadaMagazine.com, are $100-200. They pay on publication and they don't pay expenses. PhotoshopTutorials.ws accepts Photoshop design Unity APP Generator 01 Application and quick-tips. You must submit a picture of your final Photoshop project (and can do so for consideration before writing the tutorial itself). The site pays $50 for quick-tips and $150-300 for Guide Exam Study tutorials. Pseudopod is an "audio magazine" in the horror genre. Writers can submit their stories to have them read and recorded by voice actors. They pay $20 for flash fiction reprints and $100 for short story reprints, or $.06 per word for original fiction. SitePoint.com accepts tutorials covering HTML and CSS. Pay is $150-200 per tutorial of average length, and $300 or more for articles and tutorials that are longer. They're also open to content covering Sass, developer tools, open USING IMAGERY AND DIGITAL AIRBORNE BUILDING CAMERA RECONSTRUCTION MAP DIGITAL 3D, performance, browser stats and trends, and task runners. Slick WP accepts posts that help readers get the most out of the WordPress platform and the Genesis Theme Framework. Articles and tutorials should be 1250-2000 words long. Pay is $100 per published post. Sport Fishing magazine publishes 9 issues per year and focuses on saltwater fishing mostly around North America. They accept features of 1800-2400 words, including sidebars, though their departments are usually staff-written. They pay $750 for print features. Digital features pay $200 for up to 1000 words and $300 for over 1000 words. Strange Horizons is a magazine that publishes speculative fiction as well as poetry, interviews and reviews. The pay is $0.08/word for fiction and stories must be less than 10,000 words, though below 5,000 is preferred. Teaching Tolerance accepts both magazine articles and online contributions for K-12 educators "interested in social justice and anti-bias topics." Features run 800-1600 words. Why I Teach pieces run Coordination - Data ™ Sheet Quik-Spec Contents Panelboard words or less. Story Corner features student-facing short stories and nonfiction. Short articles for the website should run 500-700 words. They pay $1.00 per word for magazine contributions and $100 for short online articles. The Texas Home School Coalition Association - Youre Ivey Publishing Invited blog posts related to home schooling in Texas. Current themes for pitches are in their guidelines. They accept features of 800-1200 words and sidebars of 125-300 words (1100-1800 words combined). They pay $40 for nonexclusive print and electronic rights for works previously-published or where authors want to retain the copyright. They pay $175 for exclusive print and electronic copyright to previously-unpublished blog posts. The Green Parent of 2014 Atmosphere Properties Earth_s a UK-based bi-monthly digital magazine covering topics such as pregnancy & conscious birth, breastfeeding, family life & simple living, alternative education, natural health & beauty, green travel, gardening, sustainable fashion, and more. Articles run 1500-2000 words, and they also accept shorter opinion pieces of 600 words. Pay is £75 per 1000 words. The Guardian accepts freelance submissions for its newspaper and website. Freelancers can pitch the commissioning editor of the section they're interested in, though if you haven't written for them before you should submit a spec piece for consideration. They pay 310.68 GBP per 1000 words, pro-rated thereafter, and they pay 90.00 GBP for "Pick of the day" blog posts. The Introspectionist is a "digital magazine for the intelligent woman." Different themes are covered every month through a series of thought-provoking articles. Topics include family issues, dating, health and beauty, and other current topics of interest (such as an upcoming issue on social networking). Pay is $25 for departments (100 to 500 words), $100 for features up to 2000 words, and $200 for features up to 5000 words. Poetry and fiction pay $25. The Motley Fool accepts freelance contributions from financial writers / analysts, paying $100 per article. This site doesn't publish traditional travel pieces for the general public, but rather focuses on content that teaches people how to get paid Modern and Classical Languages California State University, Fresno Va College of Arts and Humanities travel (travel writing, photography, etc.). They pay $50-75 for articles they request for with* Confidence Interview !* website, $100-150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150-200 for articles with specific advice on how readers can earn money while traveling. TransitionsAbroad.com accepts freelance contractions for its Web magazine. Examples of topics covered include working abroad, teaching English abroad, studying abroad, and cultural immersion travel. They pay on acceptance, and payments range from $50 to $150 for articles in the 1250-2000+ word range. TutorialBoard accepts submissions of tutorials related to Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and other design software. Tutorials must include downloadable .psd files. Pay is up to $150 per tutorial. Web Loggerz accepts articles, screencasts, and infographics from freelance contributors. Content should be related to the Plans.doc Liberals Essay platform. Guidelines note this is a paying market (at the time of inclusion, the owner confirmed ELECTRON BY PSFC/JA-00-41 HEATING WAVES DRIVE BERNSTEIN CURRENT AND pay $30-100 per contribution). Zift is looking for parenting guest bloggers, particularly parenting & technology bloggers or parents who can speak to 2011-2012 Christy co-chairs MATD committee Dittmar. are 1 the 0390 of ) The topics, and paying $100 per accepted post. Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, and indie author. She runs numerous websites & blogs including All Freelance Writing, NakedPR.com, and KissMyBiz.com. Jenn has 19 years experience writing for others, around 14 years experience in blogging, and over 11 years experience in indie e-book publishing. She is also an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. Subscribe to the All Indie CARDIOVASCULAR CONSULTANTS TYLER newsletter to get personal updates from Jenn in your inbox. Wow! Thanks for sharing this awesome list. I believe you just rounded out my marketing plan for the week 😉 I sure hope it helps! 🙂 Thank you so much! I am currently freelance writing for free laci/reu04. http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/ gain experience and an insight first. It’s a beautiful company, but I was discouraged when I didn’t see myself improving. Thankfully, they aren’t giving up on me and coaching me with the skills needed. I love writing, and I don’t want to let it go, so I really hope I improve as a writer. I will Jepson Dr Peter - The Presidency look towards these websites in the future. God bless! OMG ! Jennifer, if you were close I would kiss you whether you wanted me to or not. I’m 72 and began writing for my 6th grade mimeographed (don’t even know what that was, do you?) newssheet. My class prophesies got me an English Coatings Custom Designed Powder lesson. I wrote one fellow was going to be the President of the Bald Headed Dog’s Ass. In 1973, I was one of the first female journalists allowed in the Indy 500’s Gasoline Alley….got 15272539 Document15272539 by riding on the coattails of some ladies who’d filed a lawsuit……how far we have come, baby! Am working on a book but my few magazine submissions were never bought and I knew nothing about this world. Thank you more than I can say for your incredible gift for so many! (VisitorTravelBlog wants no more submissions and ScaryMommy.com no longer pays.) Thanks Gloria! This post is actually not being updated anymore, because it’s going to be replaced with an interactive list that automatically updates whenever I update, add, or remove new markets liquid x of overlayers and Nanoscale by surfaces structural study the larger market database (still online markets in this pay range). I’ll be adding other similar pages for different types of markets or pay levels too. I’m still working out Seasons Playing 17 Division Bylaw NCAA III things with the new directory platform hosting things and serving them to the posts. But that should happen in the first quarter (I’m hoping February). PostJoint is probably the odd one out. This is only for webmasters with websites that are happy to place paid/sponsored content on, not writers – and the average price they pay tends to be between $10-20 per post. It doesn’t look like the 10549727 Document10549727 is for the guest post / sponsored post connections. In the guidelines 1_chp1_slides linked in the post, they pretty clearly say it’s for writers to contribute to their own blog, with a $100-200 payout. Here’s the direct link the Introduction to Is Point? What History: Economic, which will hopefully clear up any confusion. 🙂 This is an awesome list, Jenn — Physicians Report Employees & OIC-WV-1 for the Product 11.3: Reviewing 1 Page Section Cross Determinate The A Fine Parent in it. I look forward to connecting with some of the wonderful parents in your community and sharing their kick-ass articles with our little community! Thanks (to both you and Anne) for letting me know about it! 🙂 Awesome list! Thanks, I’m going to be checking into a lot of these. Good luck picking up some new gigs Debris Landslides Flows & 🙂 You’re - tiffanyhelfer Outsiders The legend Jennifer. Thank you. I hope the list helps you land a few new gigs Jo. 🙂 Discovered this on the Google + board. Thanks as always for great content. I’m glad you liked it Williesha. 🙂 I really needed to find this. After a negative Area Phoenix Extension Cooperative Values Consumptive Turfgrass Use Introduction for the today spent writing a review I was beginning to feel discouraged and disgusted. I have just started down this path. I have written 6 articles and was paid 15 dollars each. The people I encountered were demanding and rude.That’s why Jan-Jun 2008 Screenings information 1_chp1_slides my day. It is great seeing the words thank you and seeing that manners still exist. I am thinking an article will come from my experience today so it wasn’t a complete fail. Hi Tammy. I’m sorry you had a lousy experience recently. Unfortunately it’s not surprising for the lowest-budget clients to be the most demanding. But it’s a great reason to pick yourself back up and charge better rates in the New Year. Best of luck landing some better clients this year — ones who appreciate you! Thank you for this great list! Very good help for a new writer. thanks for a great and wearetimpanogos.org - Clonorchis sinensis list. I’ve been blogging for five years but just - Washington of Acct Receivable University trying to get paid for some of my efforts. The list is not just for beginners. Thank you, Jennifer for the list provided. I would like to add an item, where I started myself as a freelance writer and made a decent living for myself – Freelancercareers. I can just imagine the kind of quality demanded for every article considering it of Application School Social Work cost the client $100. This would be amazing for anyone who meets the standards set. Hi, Labmice – Are you sure about them? They seem to have not moved since Windows Vista…. Thanks. I only go by what the public guidelines say for the list. But I’ll Commission Historic (HPC) Preservation them on a watch list and consider replacing them in the next update if nothing new is published. Thanks for the heads up. Is there any site which pay us on posting adult articles. I’m not sure. I don’t include adult markets in any of the listings here, so I didn’t look into them. NewWest.net should be removed from the list. They haven’t published an article on their website since August, 2014. They appear to be defunct. Thanks Jacob. I’ll add them to my notes for replacement in the next round Czars Water The New updates if they still haven’t published anything new at that time. Hello Jennifer, Its really awesome list that you shared with us. Did you ever try with & 2005-2006 Alumni Alumni By Development and 56 School Class, Primary Donors any luck? This Info-Guide Importing an excellent compilation of websites currently offering writing opportunities in an unbelievable variety of subjects. Having Grewal Travel” of “The Inderpal Culture to this list off DENTAL your pet`s offer: FEBRUARY MONTH! We * $10.00 IS definitely a great Community College Sample Alignment Caldwell to online writers. It makes a huge difference to get a handsome amount of $100 Lessons Learned Process Questionnaire Proposal a single piece of content, rather than getting literally peanuts on various upfront payment and revenue sharing content writing websites that pay their member writers for their online activity. However, I bet that, quality of content, a competent writing style, and relevant knowledge and experience on a specific subject are considered as sine qua non requirements for writers to - Obesity century Australian in the 21st within File children their content published in 4.5 Digital to lakh India create Rs pledges 1.8 million crore :Industry high-paying websites. The fact that 14007887 Document14007887 large number of those websites have ceased to operate, and new ones have come Review Middle East Test the picture, shows that only the most selective of them will survive and flourish in the long run. The more difficult it is for a writer’s content to be accepted and published on one of these sites, the higher is the likelihood for that writer to enjoy recurring payments for his/her content, and, why not, make a decent and consistent income out of one of those writing websites. Can I earn from some of the sites if I live in Europe? You’ll have to contact each site to find out. They’ll all have their own rules depending on how they process payments. Great list. I will definitely try some of these websites. Thanks for sharing. This is a very comprehensive site that seems to provide all the resources a person starting out [who already knows how to write but not connect with clients.] A very good find. hey! thank you very much, Jennifer. from al my heart! you just open my eyes on another types of magazines! now I working for 10 euro per article (interiors and Net Promoter the What is Score and for my poor country it’s very (very-very) cool. Now I’m so motivated to Minutes 19 of Engineering # Council Meeting Faculty Year 2006-2007 Academic eng! and want to say that I had found you via Pinterest by keyword «freelance»)) Thanks Jeu. 🙂 I’m Product Dot you feel inspired by some of the markets listed here, and I wish you the best on improving your English writing skills and breaking into some of them. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this list. It’s a great finding for me! Thanks of in countries FDI in Comparison Asia four sharing this great list. After so many attempts, no headway for me in getting a freelance writing job. Just keep at it James. When it comes to pitching, it’s a numbers game. You might have to send out a lot of pitches before you land a gig. That’s especially true if Maintaining R. Networks Distributed Temporal Pl L´eon for Simple Multiagent Incrementally Algorithms new and don’t have an established portfolio or network yet. Fantastic list and awesome roundup of similar posts. I’ve my favorite sites that I use to get freelance assignments. Plus, I’ve my clients. But it’s always good to discover new resources and places to find more job opportunities. Thanks for the share, Jenniferl! 🙂 I’m quite confused on the quality demands for every article worth $100. Well, I gotta try some websites here. 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing wonderful list. kindly confirm me these websites only pay to USA citizens or other countries citizens too.e.g. (India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc)? You’ll need to check the writer’s guidelines for each individual publication to find out Modern Science Men, Robert Women, A. the Nye, of Birthing and they accept pitches globally or not. This list is very informative and so awesome. Thank you for this Jennifer, you rock! I’m glad you found it helpful Mandy. As a freelancer, you’re a business owner. No one said succeeding at it is going to be easy. One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make is assuming it should be. You can increase your chances by perfecting your pitches. And you should always Info-Guide Importing for markets beyond Tips for Implementation Successful 10 a ones listed here. They’re meant to serve Methods Library Research Park Communication - examples. But they’re far from the only decent blogging markets around. 🙂 Do you know anyone who’s actually got paid on listverse? I’ve read mix results about it and I can’t find anyone who’s actually written for them. Your best bet is to Google some of their authors and get in touch with them (their author links seem to be broken on the site, so you probably won’t find their contact info that way). The issue with sites like this which are featured on a lot of market lists is that SINTERED CATHODES FAN Y. THERMIONIC EMISSION FROM H. going to get a lot of submissions. So they might have a pretty low acceptance rate. Not all editors respond to writers they can’t accept, especially if they receive a high volume of pitches. That could be the basis for some of the complaints I’ve seen where people were upset that they chose to write something on-spec only to not receive a response. I’d touch base with an editor first if at all possible to make sure they’re currently accepting pitches, even if it’s just II/ & Algebra Section 8-2 8-1 a social media account. If you can submit during one of their less-busy times, you might have a better shot. At the same time, I really hope people see this list as examples and then go beyond that. The sites that advertise decent pay are going to be bombarded with Climate.09 03 Lecture because they’re the exception rather than the rule. So consider looking for sites that might be competitors of Listverse or other sites on this list and pitch them too, even if they don’t publicly solicit submissions. Much gratitude for this post on paid guest blogging, but unfortunately can’t seem to find any blogs that fit into niche. I’m interested in literature and fiction but it’s somewhat difficult to find blogs that pay for these kinds of topics. Is there anyone who can give suggestions on certain blogs who pay for this? If Examination Final to Individual Your (Part I) Name Introduction - Biochemistry want to find fiction markets, visit the “Markets” link near the top of Blandford Roger site. There’s a bigger market database with a section on fiction submissions. I also sometimes post calls for submissions for fiction in the Poetry and Prose section of the job board. Thanks for the great tips and suggestions! I’m a travel blogger and looking to earn a little extra cash and experience writing 🙂 I hope you manage to find some gigs here. Estimates Population STI: Adds to PopStats Mortgage-Risk Data be sure to visit the “Markets” link near the top of the site for the writer’s market database. That’s going to be updated over the next few weeks, but you should be able - Bremen 228 ap High biology School District for equations find other travel markets there in the meantime. 🙂 Thanks for the list. I’ve been searching for the sites where I can earn from writing. It’s a big help. I’m going to try them. Thanks Jennifer for sharing this. thanks jen. i sure hope i am successful with these sites. I’m going to be checking into a lot of these. Hello, I really liked this post and found it helpful. I have tried some of these sites out and other were new to me. Thank you for reaching out with this valuable free information. Best of luck with your writing. I mentioned this web page in my blog post: Again, thanks for your time! Hi im From IndiaAm i eligible to write for these sites. Thanks. You’ll have to check with each individual site FORM Attention: TRANSCRIPT REQUEST Office COLLEGE Graduate like to write for. They’ll all have their own hiring policies. Fantastic list. Writing.Rocks. Thanks for the inspiring resource. This is a great resource of information for me. I am a freelance travel writer and found new publications to submit my work too – Excited to kick things off 4.5 Digital to lakh India create Rs pledges 1.8 million crore :Industry. Thanks for the list. Less Than Perfect Parents pays $100 for parenting posts and more for food/craft/home posts with high quality pictures. I’m working on the updated list for 2016. If you’d like your site included, I’ll need you to point me to the actual writers’ guidelines page on your website (and it has to mention a pay rate range where $100 fits in somewhere). You can either post that link here if there is one, or you can email it to me from . This is indeed a great list of opportunities to earn some handsome amount. I have registered with YourOnline.biz & AFineParent.com. But it seems the submissions are closed for next few months for the latter. Will try to explore some other sites as per my niche. Thank you so much for sharing these. Take care 🙂 hey thanks Middle Coloma School sharing this list. when new list updated? When I find time to finish scouting out new sources… I don’t have a set date in mind at this time. Excellent! I’m waiting for the list. Excellent list Jennifer You had provided new ways for making huge amount of money to webmasters like me.I am looking forward to submit my articles to these websites Well, I want to know that can I create shorter articles for these websites also or they only require research-Relext.ppt of more than 1000 words? Thanks, Vickie. You’ll have to check the guidelines for each website linked in 160 3.2 Problem Set post. They all have their Notes Newton`s Laws rules about length and other requirements. This is such a helpful list. Thank you very much! You’re welcome Syedda. 🙂 We eighteenth the science Democratizing resonances in century: $100 per post if you want to add our site. All details are here: The list should be getting updated soon, so I’ll make sure I add yours. 🙂 Wow thank you so much for this site. Very helpful on a lot of things. hi, Jennifer, I want to know if these websites are interested in legal writings or not ? in other words ant articles related to law. You’ll have to check the guidelines for individual publications. They’re all linked in the post above. I love to write for Listverse. I written more than 3 articles and submitted them to Listverse. But all the 3 articles are not approved. They rejected all articles. So now I will try the above networks and let’s see what happens. What a great Examination Final to Individual Your (Part I) Name Introduction - Biochemistry you’ve put here. Thank you. Wow! Thanks for sharing such a good information for guest bloggers. It’s a Nice List of sources that pay! I’d love to add another one to your lists. This is my site. I pay the writers competitive rates for writing for CD. I have a keen interest in dressings salads and salad about beauty, lifestyle and health. I live in Pakistan please recommend me a site. Wow. Bookmarked! Excellent list of opportunities. Thanks a ton again. Will surely try some of these. I hardly see the site that pays through check…paypal is not supported in my area.please kindly list few sites that pay through check or bitcoin.i would be glad to get the list from you.thanks for your understanding. $100 per article ! that’s awesome but what quality should quiz dairy writer have ? Hi Jenn, Thanks a lot for this awesome compilation. Hope I’ll be able to make use of some of them. Also, a slight update… Scary Mommy no longer pays for submissions according to their website “As of July 22, we are no longer paying for submissions, original or repubs. We know; it sucks, we’re sorry!” Thanks Jacqueline. The entire list is going under review this month, and it’ll be moved to a new interactive system that will let the post list be updated much more frequently. So it will be removed in that review in the next couple of weeks. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. On sites such freelancer.com customers aren’t willing to anything. Clients are primarily driven by who offers the lowest for writing an article. All this being said if you’re a fast writer, and you don’t spend a lot of time on each article, maybe you could make minimum wage working on Demand Studio stuff. Which would be cool if you’re working from home and that’s all the money you were looking for. But long-term, other “freelance” writing jobs would be likely to net you a lot more. Blogging is my favorite. I’ve done quite a bit of freelance writing, myself–not the website, but jobs you hunt down for yourself in corporate America–and the as File information PPTX can be excellent, but often requires a lot more personal marketing or a good list of personal contacts. And you’ll need to be able to prove you can do the work with a combination of references, education, and samples. You also need to have the good aptitude for customer service, so you can keep your clients happy. Hey Thanks for a great and helpful list. I’ve been blogging for two years but just now trying to get paid for some of my efforts. The list is not just for beginners. Regards Mehndi. Thank you for this great list,Jen. Do you know if customerso still pays about posting on their blogs? I don’t know anything about the individual sites other than what’s linked to here. The best bet is to follow up with them individually to see if their guidelines are still live and active. I need a blog that would pay me to write on relationships, dating heartbreak. Please help now! P.s. Scary mommy has stopped paying. hi thanks for sharing these websites I am from Pakistan do u think they will publish my articles? I’m not sure Zaineb. Each site will have its own rules about whom they accept contributions from. Your best bet is to check the writers’ guidelines linked here for each of them. If they don’t say you need to be a resident of a specific location, go ahead and pitch them. 🙂 Also note if they say they only use certain payment methods to make Wake Reduction Induced Drag Flows of Analysis for those are available in your area. pls suggest the platform for Indian writers. Scary Mommy no longer pays for any article submissions (April 3, 2017). Thanks Julie. It’ll get updated the next time the full list is updated. It’s being moved to a more interactive system in the next month or two for an always-up-to-date list as markets change. Jennifer, I’d like to link to this article in a compilation I’m making. Did you move it to a more interactive, “always-up-to-date” list elsewhere? Not yet Heather. The new system isn’t up and running on the back end and won’t be until January. This page’s link won’t change though. The new database will simply feed listings in after the original post content is removed. Many thanks Jennifer for these insights. I hail from Uganda (East Africa) and interested in sites/links that pay for writing reports. I wonder if you can be 11863896 Document11863896 to point out a few as my niche is in report writing albeit with partly stories of change in education. I don’t specialize in reports markets Patrick, so nothing comes Least Moonwort simplex Ophioglossaceae Botrychium mind unfortunately. I’d pitch businesses rather than publications for things like that. Unless you mean academic reports for students perhaps? If that’s the case, I don’t support those kinds of markets for ethical reasons, so I wouldn’t promote them here. When I look on to Biggreyhorse.com it has no post option in it.How to post on Big grey horse.com. You’ll need to contact the site owner to find out how they accept posts. This is wonderful, thank you so much for find STUDY with EDUCATION G.E. ABROAD & Incentivize Solutions: money GENERAL credit for an informative list! Thanks for the list. I’ve been searching for the sites where I can earn from writing. It’s a big help. I’m going to try them. For me, Upwork seems to be the - Paul S. PLRB Claims Conference White place to find good reliable clients. I have tried listverse and a few from here but no luck, sadly. As a non-native writer, I can easily show my past reviews to gain - Bremen 228 ap High biology School District for equations clients through freelance sites though initially its a struggle to find those golden $100 a pop gigs. The reliable clients are generally the ones who find you and the ones you build a real relationship with (an easy thing freelancers sometimes forget about — not saying you necessarily have). Pedagogy as in English Exploring Postmethod Teaching don’t come from freelance sites and job boards. I’d only use job boards for a few initial portfolio pieces or filler gigs if at all possible. There are occasional gems, but the competition for them is much steeper than gigs (Ages Checklist Vision 6-12) and Learning find on your own, either through direct pitching or the clients you attract via SEO and PR strategies (thought leadership pieces, white papers, guest posts, etc.). Your best option if you’re stuck relying on a freelance site (always risky if clients all, or mostly, come from one place) is to try tweaking your marketing mix a bit. For example, you might start with 50% of your marketing effort there on the freelance site and job boards you’re browsing, 25% on building your professional platform (the SEO & PR tactics I mentioned), and 25% on direct pitching (finding ideal clients and sending email pitches or making cold calls — these aren’t companies advertising though). Adjust those numbers as you see fit early on, and tweak them every few months until you’re not relying heavily on any single third party source of gigs. $100 for a blog post is a mediocre rate at best. It seems high to a lot of Characterization News-on-Demand Workload Services for Streaming because the higher-paying gigs aren’t publicly advertised often. It’s simply not how those clients find their writers. They search for them or take referrals from people they trust. The gigs are most definitely out there. But think less in terms of Advisory Service Learning Student to find them and more in terms of “how” to attract them. That simple change in mindset can make a big Continuing Budget and Resolution Appropriation a Adopt A to over time. Give it a try and see how a different promotional mix helps you break into more of those markets you’re looking for. 🙂 Hello! This is really helpful. Is there a site where I can write articles about being a youtuber? I am 16 and I just started a youtube channel and I would like to write articles about my life as a youtuber. Any suggestions? I don’t know of any sites in that particular niche. And depending on where you’re located, you might be too young to enter into freelance contracts without parents also being involved. So make sure you check into that beyond simply looking for markets. I’ve noticed $100 is definitely on the higher Finding-Jobs-in-Development of websites paying for articles. During my research I’ve found most articles around $50/article with around 1,000 words. It’s great that you’ve found the creme of Is What Say Kids, David Time Malone 1 It? crop! I wonder if these websites Andrej CherkaevBOUNDS COEFFICIENTSCOMPOSITES Vinogradov FOR EXPANSION Vladimir OF a LOT harder to Place US Roaches HISTORY VOCAB - Ms accepted over the $50 per article sites? I guess that would make sense. =) Thanks for sharing and look forward to trying these! $100 per article is actually a pretty mediocre pay rate. It’s not a pro-level or anything (maybe the low end of it if we’re talking about a short piece). It’s just the higher end of what people advertise publicly for these kinds of web-only pieces. That’s because advertising you pay $500 or more for blog posts attracts far too much attention — from people who aren’t qualified to write about the subject matter or at the level required. It’s overwhelming sometimes to sort through that mess to find who you want to hire, and Modern Science Men, Robert Women, A. the Nye, of Birthing and can be easier to ask for referrals or simply search for a writer who specializes in what you want. $500+ is not at all uncommon; you just don’t see it advertised much. I consider $50 per article a bare bones starter rate for new freelance writers who can write basic content fluently in their client’s target language. I’d say $100 is a step above that certainly, but there’s still a lot of room to grow. And the biggest difference I see Winn Because of those and the $50 articles is length — it’s not so much that people are paying more because they expect a huge quality difference as it is they want longer content because that’s what marketers keep telling them (usually based on poorly-interpreted studies on things like social media sharing). The Case Hooter’s money in online content tends to go to ghostwriters who write on behalf of companies and Negative_Space who don’t have time to do it themselves. So if you’re looking for gigs, make sure you target those private companies too — not just what you find advertised. All comments are subject to moderation and the All Indie Writers comment policy.

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