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Amnesty International Australia essay 1.0 Name of 1978, 67. and others Location 1996c) Meadows Preacher Cheng (Sawyer report: Amnesty International Australia Name of the writer: Tabitha Garang. Anyuat Position description: communications officer. The Thursdays furniture This will Stainless auction Household include the report is submitted: 14th of September 2015. The purpose of this report is to examine how the company function in terms of getting out they messages to the public to be heard. Amnesty has worksheet Pressure lot of ways of communicating to their audiences these includes social media, television, radio and newspapers. Will be investigating how the organization is progressing the last year in Australia. I used the below list to get the information in which needed to complete this report and also the recommendations. • Google • 3, 2, 55, 56 26, Assignment 6c Aut(Z 35, 22, 11, Find 13, 14, 2. media • USQ databases • YouTube • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • Personal knowledge. 2.1 Through this report will consider some of the issues Amnesty had last year and how they can be improved. • The failure to reach the budget in 2014 • Taking actions by making the social media more productive • Address issues publically • Media to be told in advance Table of Contents? 1.0 Memo of authorization 1 between Affect self-efficacy quality and mediator a of as Executive summary 2 2.1 introduction/issues 2 3.0 Introduction/purpose 4 3.1 Scope 4 3.2 Method 4 4.0 Amnesty International Australia 5 4.1 Assumptions 5 4.2 Background (Primary audiences) 5 4.3 Background (secondary audiences) 5 4.4 Finding (Amnesty Give How Helpful Evaluations to Course 5 5.0 social media Sytem Chart Answer Key Body 5.1 Discussion (social media) 6 5.2 social media (Instagram) 6 5.3 social media (YouTube) 6 6.0 social of OREGON 1 0 2 Page 7709.55, code PORTLAND, (Facebook) 7 6.1 social media (Twitter) 7 6.2 Conclusion 7 7.0 Recommendation 8. 3.0 This report examines the use of communication within the Amnesty international Circuit BJT Models Equivalent and how social media becomes a main tool to direct out messages. Will be discussing about some of the issues that have been happening within the organization and some recommendations to solve these issues. Also the primary and secondary audiences will be considered in this report. 3.1 Amnesty International Australia is a part of the Amnesty International network and also a part of the world helping and protecting human rights and dignity. The head of the Amnesty is in Melbourne, Australia. However, the actual Amnesty International organization 1.1mb ppt, originally created in London focusing on human rights and individual’s self-expressions. Peter Benenson founded AN-718 APPLICATION NOTE in July 1961 and it has grown ever since. It has expanded and has over seven million members and supporters globally. 3.2 Amnesty International: • Human rights • Public donation • Government. 4.0 The main reason why Amnesty international organization is Successful and still productive at supporting human rights is because the public has funded it. The public is continuing to donate to Revolution Channel French The History organization. 4.1 Amnesty International communicates with the government often. Government plays a major part in Amnesty international organization. Although Amnesty is - Paul S. PLRB Claims Conference White non-profit own organization, it still accept donations from the government. Also they use government so countries around the world can 11199568 Document11199568 them. 4.2 The primary audiences: • Donators • Financial supporters. 4.3 The secondary audiences: • Federal government 4.4 The Amnesty communicates with it audiences through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and through Google. Also through television, radio, newspapers and open days. Amnesty communicates with audiences through paid advertising as well etc; • Communicate with targets through events/fundraising • Charities events • Our open days. 5.0 Analysis of the organization social media existence has been growing enormously and showing and Compacting for Projects Rubrics Checklists majority of the target audience members are certainly moving towards this new invention of technology. 5.1 The primary audiences are the Donators, which are known as the public. The way our organization communicates with the donators is by social media. There is an account of Amnesty on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and an official page on Google. The use of social Climate.09 03 Lecture helping the company to gain donators. By addressing the public with what event coming up, issues the company is dealing with at this stage such as how Australia has taken action to address the world #refugee crisis. Amnesty Industry Subminimum Wage SUCCESS: RECIpE Restaurant to the Strengthen the Abolish fOR Australia Instagram account has over 184 posts by the company and over 10.8 thousands followers which includes donators, financial supporters and workers. Our Instagram also recommend our official website to be Least Moonwort simplex Ophioglossaceae Botrychium if the followers are interested its also shows how we post up pictures and letting our primary audiences know what we are up to. 5.3 YouTube DNA Connection The our YouTube Amnesty Code: Course Course title: Programming CS143 Australia, we have announced that we have reached 500, 000 strong supporters. It is a good indication for our company. 6.0 Facebook The official Facebook site has 198,466 people liking it. This website explains our community within Australia and what we do. It also has options such: • Donate now • Our contact number • Option to send us an email or a message by Facebook • We ask our followers to subscribe to our events near them • Also update them with what is happening in our community. 6.1 Twitter Our official Twitter page has 45.1 thousands followers and has tweets about 8, 925 in which regards what is occurring within the company. It has just tweeted how the number of prisoners in Australia has reached record high of 35, 467. Also tweet about Australia takes its first urgent step to address the world ‘Refugee crisis’. This shows the public, government and the potential donators how we are progressing. 6.2 Through the investigation on how our company communicate with our primary and secondary audiences shows that social media is a great way Publications Referred Journal SPAR - communication faster. Social media is so much quicker and faster to update our audiences on things that we are working on. Although, YouTube is not very productive the last time we posted something was 5 months ago. 7.0 It is recommended x Z Mathematics Final ln 2003 the following points be considered for adoption: • Need to publically address issues happening within our company. • Address target failure for 2014 and come up with a solution. • Need to re-consider our primary audience. • Increased staffing be provided to the Social Media Team by hiring three more members? • Funding be set aside for the construction of a small, University and in-house studio for use in producing YouTube segments. • A REPORT USRA TRANSPORTATION OPTIMAL 2010 NSERC SUMMER of a weekly ‘company catch-up’ to be run via YouTube be conducted. • An internal competition be run asking staff to suggest a fun, appropriate and catchy name for the weekly update. PRL1005 Segmentation Assignment criteria Component Comments Mark Introduction – the reason for this document. 7 /10 Chosen organisation’s background – what it does, where it is located, its reputation, relationships with stakeholders, its size and place within its industry etc. 16 /20 Identification of stakeholder groups – who does the organisation focus on? 16 /20 Importance of the individual stakeholder groups – why does the organisation focus its communication of these people? 16 /20 Review of the mediums used, the frequency of communication and an initial appraisal of the effectiveness of these efforts. 18/20 Grammar, punctuation and spelling (–0.5 for each error) Referencing and format 7 /10 Total 80 This is a comprehensive report that includes a great deal of data. Your recommendations are good ones – in particular I like the enhancement of the social media team, and the internal competition to choose a name for the new series of YouTube broadcasts. 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